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Airy Lash Lift & Extend

Airy Lash Lift & Extend

Disclaimer: This post is an account of A's experience with Airy Lash Lift & Tint  - A is a staff at Fickle Beauty


After hearing positive feedback from colleagues and customers, I wanted to try the latest addition to our service menu at Fickle+, the Airy Lash Lift & Extend. It’s a hybrid between a lash lift and lash extensions – best of both worlds!

Airy Lash Lift & Extend - $88

Comes with a free touch up within 2 weeks.


First, a Keratin lash lift procedure is done to lift your natural lashes from the roots. Simply put, a lash lift is like a perm for your lashes, so if you have a good amount of long and healthy lashes you will be a good candidate for a lash lift. It is great for straight lashes which will not hold a curl.

To give lashes a curled effect, the technician works from the lash base to the tip to see its full length. Depending on the desired curl, the technician uses a different type of rod or shield. The rods or shields come in different curls (L, C and U) and sizes, and are selected based on the length of each individual's lashes.


Rods produce a natural curl and great for small eyes.

Shields gives wide open lifts and great for short lashes.

To get the best results, use a lash serum on your lashes a few weeks before your treatment to get them as healthy as possible. I have been using FOR Beauty Lash Serum for 6 weeks, twice daily, and I can see a drastic improvement in the thickness and the length of my lashes. The difference is most obvious when you compare the lower lashes.


For Beauty Lash Serum - $52


To perfect the look and balance the lashes on both eyes, single strand extensions are added on and unlike the usual classic extensions (0.10mm to 0.20mm), these lashes are ultra-fine and lightweight (0.05mm to 0.07mm) so they feel and look just like your natural lashes.


Lash Extensions Aftercare

Eyelash extensions vary in life span due to the stage of growth the natural eyelash is in, therefore only an approximate life span for each person’s eyelash extensions can be ascertained.

  • Lashes will need maintenance treatments every 2-3 weeks
  • No water must be on the eyelashes for 24 hours
  • No eye make up must be applied to the eye lashes for 3 days
  • Under no circumstances can the extended lashes be curled manually or mechanically


Thoughts on Lash Lift and Extend:

Having done lash lift and tint and lash extensions before, I feel that The Lash Lift & Extend is a good balance between the two. I was exceptionally pleased with the entire look of Lash Lift & Extend, and I can safely say that I’m a convert! The additional lashes that were added are so light that it feels like they are barely there. If you are like me, someone who is not blessed with naturally long and thick lashes but still want to have a natural look, this is definitely for you! However, if you are a fan of more dramatic looks, volume lashes might be more suitable. 


That being said, if you are blessed with long and healthy lashes, you can also opt for Keratin Lash Lift.

Keratin Lash Lift - $68

Before: Lash Lift only

After: Airy Lash Lift & Extend



A comparison between Oh So Natural and Airy Lash Lift & Extend:


Both looks are pretty natural but as you compare the photos you can tell that the extensions used in Airy Lash Lift & Extend are significantly thinner than the ones used for our Oh So Natural lash extensions! You must try it for yourself to know how lightweight it is!

PS: If you look closely, I also had my brows done! Brow Lamination is also one of the services available at Fickle+.


Brow Lamination - $68

You can opt to have both the Brow Lamination and Airy Lash Lift & Extend together to save time!

IMPORTANT: With lash or brow services, there will definitely be risks associated with the procedure and the product itself, which includes (and is not limited to) eye irritation, eye pain, discomfort and in rare cases blindness when improperly handled. It is important to know and inform your beautician if you have any allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients that may be found in related lash or brow products. 

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