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Comparing Moisturizers: Purito Edition

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The basic rule of thumb is that you should choose your moisturizer based on your skin type. If you are oily or combination, a lighter texture (gel, water cream) will be better. If you have dry/aging skin, you will need more thick occlusive nourishing moisturizers (think, cream).
We love that Purito has a moisturiser for everyone! Plus, they are all FRAGRANCE-FREE!
Which should you pick?
Read On!
For those with more oily, acne-prone skin, we suggest the new Purito Oat-In Calming Gel Cream. If you've tried the Iunik Centella Calming Gel Cream - this is very similar in consistency but the Key Ingredient in this is Oats.
Refreshing gel cream with nourishing Avena Sativa (Oat) Seed Water instantly calms dry and sensitive skin. The lightweight clear texture softly melts on the skin, easily seeping into its layers.
This gel cream improves skin's moisture level, and soothes hypersensitivity, keeping the skin balanced and vibrant. The combination of oat and panthenol provides a refreshing splash of hydration and additional nutrients while creating a protective barrier.
Also, this is Fungal-Acne friendly!
For those who have combination skin, the Purito Deep Sea Pure Water Cream is a good one which is great for dehydrated skin prone to clogged pores. Combination skin is complicated as you need to find the "Right Balance". Too thick - you fix the dehydration but get clogged pores. Too lightweight - you don't get enough hydration and still feel the "dehydration" but you don't experience new breakouts.
This lightweight water cream contains all the moisture packed ingredients your parched skin will need. It contains 60% deep sea water, panthenol, sodium hyaluronate, and a plethora of marine ingredients like green caviar and seaweed extract help to quench even the thirstiest of skin cells.
It has a clear and gel-type texture that glides on smoothly and leaves the skin feeling hydrated and plump.
What's in it?
■ Deep-Sea Water The deep seawater pumped up from a depth of over 200 meters and has a composition structure similar to the fluids of the human body. It does not irritate the skin. Rich in mineral ingredients, it improves moisture retention and enhances the skin condition.
■ Sodium Hyaluronate It is a form of hyaluronic acid that attracts and retains water in the skin with the ability to hold 1000 times its own weight in water. It prevents moisture evaporation and restores the skin's adequate moisture balance. It improves the ability of the skin to retain water keeping it healthy and hydrated.
Now for those who are suffering from eczema, dry & flakey skin, you need the Purito Centella Unscented Recovery Cream Moisturiser. Those are signs of a damaged, weakened skin barrier. We also recommend this moisturiser used post facial treatment (lasers, chemical peels...etc) as it is a great recovery cream for damaged skin.
This Cream help strengthen the skin barrier preventing the evaporation of moisture inside the skin. Also, FRAGRANCE-FREE! We know how people suffering from eczema already have sensitive & reactive skin so we don't want any more potential irritants like Fragrance to irritate/trigger your eczema.
Contains the following Key Ingredients for Skin Barrier Recovery:
Centella Asiatica is best-known for its wound-healing abilities. So-called “tiger grass” from the legend that tigers would roll around over this grass to heal wounds. CICA soothes and reduces skin inflammation.
Ceramide NP is a mild ingredient that does not cause skin irritation due to its structure similar to skin lipid. It strengthens the skin barrier and fends off external stimuli. It keeps skin hydrated by sealing in moisture, preventing evaporation of skin moisture, and maintaining the healthy balance of oil and water.
Squalane is an ingredient prevents the evaporation of moisture from the skin and soothes its texture. It is non-irritating, making it great for people with all skin types including sensitive skin.
Last but not least, we must not forget to feature this saviour of mine - Purito Dermide Barrier Sleeping Pack! I have combination skin but I do use a retinoid nightly hence my skin tends to be dehydrated. I personally use 2 different moisturisers.
For Day time, I like opting for lightweight moisturizers like Gel moisturizers as I am prone to clogged pores. However, I find it necessary to apply a thicker moisturiser at Night to strengthen my skin barrier - without clogging my pores.
A perfect night time repairing sleeping pack - Purito Dermide Cica Barrier Sleeping Pack. This sleeping pack helps to soothe the skin exhausted from the damaging UV rays and other environmental stressors overnight. It is formulated with skin-identical ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramide, which strengthen the skin barrier and protect it from the harmful environmental stressors. This product forms a healthy moisture barrier that prevents water loss and keeps skin well-hydrated overnight. Treat your sleep-deprived skin with PURITO Dermide Cica Barrier Sleeping Pack.
We hope this post helped you choose the right moisturiser from Purito!
Why we Love Purito?
Simple products enriched with safe and clean ingredients FREE of
- Parabens
- Sulfate
- Synthetic Fragrances & Dyes
- Phenoxy Ethanol
- Triethanolamine
"Dramatic short-term results are exciting, but they don’t last. With PURITO you will enjoy life-long healthy skin."
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