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Mini Me by Fickle Beauty

Mini Me by Fickle Beauty


FAQ (frequently asked questions)


What is Mini Me all about and find out why it is our most popular treatment that people keep coming back for!


Q: What is Mini Me by Fickle Beauty?

A: Mini Me is a 100% non-invasive way to achieve a smaller and lifted face with more defined jawline and more contoured features. The treatment adjusts your skeletal bone structure through bone massage techniques and increases blood circulation to your skin and muscles by relaxing tense facial and neck muscles.

Mini Me is 100% effective in changing a person’s facial bone structure allowing one to achieve a more V-shape face, align facial asymmetry, and lift, contour and define facial features. One will also notice improvements in their skin due to increase of blood circulation and increased supply of nutrients to the skin.


Q: How long does the treatment take?

A: 30 – 45 min


Q: Are the results permanent?

A: Yes, after you have completed approximately 6-10 sessions (spread 2-4 weeks apart). We also encourage regular maintenance for optimal results after 10 sessions (once every 1-2 months).


Q: Is it suitable for all skin types?

A: Yes! The products we use are suitable for those with sensitive and acne prone skin. Should you have any skin issues, please let our therapists know in advance before treatment commences.


Q: How does it compare to v-lifting facials with machines?

Most V-lifting facial treatments only work on the surface of the skin to achieve the desired look of a V-shaped face. However, these treatments only last for a short period of time and require higher dosages and frequencies for maintenance. Mini Me works deeper than the surface of the skin. Through bone massage techniques, you can see improvements in your skeletal bone structure and the increase in blood circulation to your skin and muscles also lead to an improvement in general wellness as well as a lifted and contoured V-shape face.


Why is there no free trial for Mini Me?

We do not offer free trials as we strongly believe in the efficacy and visible results from our treatments - results can be seen in just 1 treatment.


Is it normal to experience discomfort like soreness and aching after treatment?

Yes, it is perfectly normal for you to experience aching and soreness after Mini Me treatments, especially after undergoing the first 3-5 sessions. This occurs as your facial bones and muscles are beginning their initial natural healing process of achieving alignment and balance. The increase in blood circulation will also lead to an increase in bone density and the toning of muscles. There is not downtime from Mini Me and you should not experience any bruising and major swelling.




Price: $128/session

Package Price: $1000 for 10 sessions (1 Year Validity)

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