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PURITO Brand Introduction

PURITO Brand Introduction


Fickle Beauty is the exclusive distributor of PURITO products in Singapore!


PURITO has a range of vegan friendly skincare products approved by the globally renowned EWG safety grade framework

Their products do not contain any harmful additives and is cruelty free, recognising a global trend in which consumers look to ethical and environmentally friendly cosmetics products. This is in line with Fickle Beauty’s belief in skincare, by going back to the basics using natural ingredients and without adding harmful substances which might damage our skin’s protective barrier.

PURITO has a strong ethical and environmental responsibility, and in addition to natural ingredients, all products are packaged using recycled materials. With simplified packaging, their reduced costs all go right into better ingredients.


PURITO’s Brand Story

PURIFY + 土(soil) = PURITO

PURITO, meaning pure and natural cosmetic products without any chemical ingredients, places the highest value on skin itself and pursues good ingredients and good cosmetics.



  • 100% EWG Green Level Certified
  • Uses EWG 1-2 level of natural ingredients



  • 100% cruelty-free
  • firmly against animal testing and vegan friendly
  • a portion of profits is donated to the Best Friend Animal Society



  • uses environmentally friendly recycled paper packaging
  • a portion of profits is donated to the KFEM (Korean Federation For Environmental Movement)
  • avoids using excessive packaging, instead focusing on in-depth research for proprietary formulas



Cosmetic products used for beauty contains many different chemical ingredients. Based on the belief that ingredients are most important factor in cosmetics, PURITO, a natural cosmetic brand with good ingredients, was created in 2013 with the goals of contributing to beauty and happy lives.

As a vegan-friendly brand, PURITO skincare products are formulated with plant-based natural ingredients.


We all want skincare and beauty products that work. But at what cost? Many beauty brands show you the dramatic before and after short-term results but ignore the long-term effects of their toxic ingredients.

This includes allergies, inflammation, and the breakdown of our skin’s natural protective barrier. PURITO minimizes the use of chemical ingredients by excluding paraben, phenoxyethanol and more. PURITO’s promise is to make safe, honest, and pure products. It is dedicated to the ongoing research required to improve our products and help you achieve your skincare and beauty goals!


Let’s take a closer look at what’s popular on Fickle Beauty!


PURITO Centella Green Level Calming Toner


PURITO Centella Unscented Serum


PURITO Galacto Niacin 97 Power Essence

PURITO Deep Sea Water Cream 


PURITO Comfy Water Sun Block


PURITO Centella Green Level Unscented Sun



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