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BFFECT = Basic + Effective

As we get older, we become keen on finding the best ingredients that function the best with our skin to fulfill the desire, though most of us don’t really understand how they work. An endless pursuit (of the best items) has begun, yet it is time that we ask ourselves some questions: do we need them, and what do we exactly need?

BFFECT was founded to launch a demystification project with a simple belief — the skin doesn’t need complicated ingredients to be healthy and flawless. We solely adopt ingredients that are proven to be effective in dealing with targeted skin problems and make clear what they do to the skin. With BFFECT, you don’t need to keep looking for fancy ingredients and hoping they will cast magic on your skin anymore.

Indeed, everyone wants to look good, but that doesn’t require multiple tries and overpayment on different skincare brands. This is why we named our brand “BFFECT”, which signifies “basic yet effective.”