We recommend 100% Fragrance-Free Products for those people who are suffering from inflamed acne skin, clogged pores, open wounds, eczema, rosacea, well basically irritated skin. It is not the worst thing in your skincare however it is SAFER to avoid it as you fix your skin. 90% of skincare products in the market contains fragrance because some ingredients just smell SO BAD and fragrance is needed to mask the bad smell or we will not feel comfortable applying it on our face. Hence, we understand the need for it in products! Many times we just look for the word “FRAGRANCE/PERFUME” which refers to synthetic fragrances however this section of the products we also eliminated Natural Fragrances derived from plant oils (which have its benefits too! Still, best avoided on already irritated skin). Here’s a list of some of the more typical fragrant ingredients that show up in skincare products which we suggest to avoid if your skin is currently irritated and inflamed! We want you to make safe choices for the best results.