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HD Vitamin C Bio-Cellulose Mask

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HD Vitamin C Bio-Cellulose Mask, 25ml *4 

The HD Vitamin C  Bio-Cellulose Mask is formed of a specialised 20-Nanometer ultra fine fiber that fits perfectly on the skin and allowing serum to penetrate deeply. The 3D network structure that enables itself to retain a high volume of serum and enhances the skin's comprehensive moisturising and repair effect, further calms irritation and leaves a dedicate watery bright skin. 

  • Medical grade nanotechnology 
  • High absorption and adhesion 
  • Lightens and brightens the complexion 
  • Naturally lifts and firms 
  • Free of parabens, MI/ MCI, colorant, alcohol and fragrance 


Key Ingredients: 

Corum 5150 (Azeclair),

Niacinamide PC (B3),

HA, Hyalo-Oligo,

Genencare OSMS BA,

Purisoft LS 9602