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Spa Facial Steamer

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* Please take note that the plug is USA/Japan plug. You will need an plug adapter/travel adapter to use this in SG. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. The following batch or stocks will be changed to the suitable plug.



Nano-steam opens up the pores to help skin care products penetrate through into the skin to promote better absorption. Steaming the face opens pores and induces natural perspiration to remove dirt, bacteria, air pollutants and makeup residue.  The face steamer leaves skin silky-smooth and supple and also clears nasal and sinus passages. Designed with a horn-shaped spray mouth for a generous, full distribution of steam. It is very simple and easy to use, just turn on the steamer and let the steamer do its work for 6 min. With the Facial Steamer, you can now perform this salon-style facial treatment at home.


Benefits of Facial Steaming


- Deep cleansing of pores

- Eliminate toxins and grime

- Helps with blackhead removal

- Keeps your skin moist and hydrated

- Promotes skin care product absorption

- Relaxing facial spa


How to use?

1) Remove make up and thoroughly cleanse your skin with a cleanser.

2) Fill the water tank with water and turn on the steamer.

3) Put your face at a distance of approx 20cm away from the of the steamer.

4) Let the steam hit your skin and open up your pores for 6-10 min. (do not exceed 20 min)

5) If you wish to do any extraction of blackheads, you can use the blackhead tool to gently squeeze it out.

6) Use a toner and cotton pad to wipe your face to prep skin for facial mask/moisturizer

7) Apply your favourite facial sheet mask/serum/ampoule/moisturiser.