WoWo Hair Care Series Set

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WoWo Hair Care Series Set


Bundle comes with

x1 WoWo Pure Ginger Shampoo

x1 WoWo Nutritional Hair Mask

x1WoWo Essential Hair Oil


Wowo Pure Ginger Shampoo


-Stimulates hair follicles to promote healthy black hair growth
-Relaxes and relief headaches 
- Detox Scalp
-Anti dandruff
-Oil control to stop bacteria growth
-Improves hair scalp blood circulation


Wowo Nutritional Hair Mask


-Repairs dry and damaged hair due to perming, dyeing of hair, bleaching

-Restores shine

-Repairs frizzy hair, split ends

-Detangles hair

-Fragrant Scent


Wowo Essential Hair Oil


-Repairs dry & damaged hair
-Strengthening and preventing split ends
-Give silky and soft touch
-Hydrates and moisturizes.
-Act as a Sun protector to protect our hair from UV Rays.