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Stay in Satin (Kids) Short Sleeves Set in Pastel Purple

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Get your kids comfy in our Kids Range of Fickle Satin Lounge Wear.

We all know how important good sleep is for our health and SKIN. A good night's sleep can mean good skin health because when you're sleep-deprived, your body makes more of the stress hormone cortisol. Hence we decided to create a collection of really comfortable lounge wear/pyjamas.

Material: 100% Polyester Matte Satin

Satin Short Sleeves Button Down Shirt + Shorts Set

Available in 3 sizes

Size 1
Age 4-6 
Height approx 100-110

Shoulder     : 30cm
PTP              : 74cm
Body Length: 48cm

Sleeve length: 14.5cm

Shorts (stretchable)
Waist: 46cm
Length: 30cm

Hip: 74cm

Size 2

6-8 years old

Height 120cm-130cm

Shoulder: 34cm
PTP: 88cm
Body Length: 52cm

Sleeve length: 17cm

Shorts (stretchable)
Waist: 48cm
Length: 34cm

Hip: 88cm


Size 3

8-10 years old

Height 140cm-150cm

Shoulder: 39cm
PTP: 102cm
Body length: 58cm

Sleeve length: 18cm

Shorts (stretchable)
Waist: 54cm
Length: 37cm

Hip: 102cm