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Ingredient Spotlight: Tranexamic Acid

Ingredient Spotlight: Tranexamic Acid

Apart from the well-loved, radiant-giving Vitamin C, there is another such product that you might love.

As the image suggests, this is your trusty skin-whitening ingredient.

Erin Jahns wrote in Byrdie, that as much as her angry breakouts had abated, it left her with purplish scarring on her cheekbones, jawline and splotchy redness on her nose, chin and mouth.

She decided to call for some serious acid incorporation.

And what could be better than Tranexamic Acid, a powerhouse ingredient for treating discolouration, pigmentations and brightening the overall complexion.

Erin successfully won the battle with her scars with Tranexamic Acid, so why is this ingredient so under-the-radar?

Tranexamic Acid not only busts your existing scars and discolouration in 3 weeks, it also inhibits the synthesis of melanin caused by UV rays.

It blocks the interaction between skin cells and melanin producing cells.

Not to forget, Tranexamic Acid is unlike other exfoliating acids. It is gentle and non-irritating to the skin, making it suitable for even the most sensitive of skins, favouring all skin types even being pregnancy-safe!

Read on to find out more about our Tranexamic Acid products, product pairing and a last very important note. 

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When Tranexamic Acid is paired with Vitamin C, the brightening power of these two ingredients is strengthened and enhanced.

Imagine even skin tone, radiant skin and brightened complexion in no time!

Click here for this great Vitamin C Serum.

Get your trusty sun shield here.

With these all said and dusted, we'll leave you with a thought to consider these products in your whitening regime!

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