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Love the sun? Is there an ingredient that compliments sun exposure?

Love the sun? Is there an ingredient that compliments sun exposure?

The warmth that embraces our skin like a hug, the very thing that contributes to our health and sleep quality, how could we go on without?

For all you sun lovers out there, who value your daily intake of precious vitamin D, you would know, despite diligently keeping fit and eating a healthy diet, your skin still suffers from hyperpigmentation.

It feels like we cannot escape the effects of long term sun exposure despite our many attempts at alleviating it.

I know, as someone who’s had freckles since I was 12, due to my fair time with pool days on good weathered days.

Let’s look at the previous state of my skin, dated, 20/5/2022.

And today, dated, 13/7/2022.


Stunning improvement of my skin condition right? It looks like I’d casted a filter over my face.

These freckles get more obvious when I’m sun-exposed without sunscreen on, and get less obvious when my skin is plumped and hydrated.

Frankly speaking, I would gladly do without sunscreens if I could afford it. But my skin is extremely prone to forming freckles. So I wondered… is there an ingredient that compliments our skin, for us sun-loving beings?

If you guessed Vitamin D serums, uh-uh, wrong.

This magic ingredient is none other than the renowned Vitamin C.

vitamin C

An antioxidant ingredient that could further protect and heal your skin from harmful UV rays, apart from the shield of sunscreens. Told by a study done by Baylor College, which showed that Vitamin C works as a sun-damage protectant for our skin. More accurately, L-ascorbic acid.

When sunscreen and vitamin C are combined as separate layers on your skin, it combats photo-damage efficiently.

Let’s celebrate our skin and the sun, with Vitamin C added to our daily morning routine!

Below are some products focused on delivering a good amount of Vitamin C to your skin.

PURITO Pure Vitamin C Serum

PURITO Pure Vitamin C Serum

As we all know through our growing years, the sun can cause patches of a darker or lighter skin tone. This will be your best friend, if you have the aforementioned issues.

With Niacinamide (a vitamin B3), it will improve pigmentation and brighten your overall skin tone. Whilst the 5% Ascorbic Acid (another term for L-ascorbic acid), will protect the collagen you have, besides encouraging growth of new collagen. It does so by combating oxidative stress and DNA damage on and in your skin caused by external aggressors, and slows down the aging process with continuous use.

This formula is also combined with Sodium Hyaluronate, a Hyaluronic Acid and a factor for locking in and storing moisture. Then we have Bamboo extract, a component that soothes and keep your skin in good health.

As the name suggests, Purito (pure), manufactures its products with clean and predominantly vegan ingredients, without artificial fragrances. You can expect a huge deal of nourishment for your skin.

If you think this product is what you need, you can get it here, just click me.

Ebanel Liposomal Vitamin C 20% Serum

Ebanel Vitamin C 20% Serum

Your pocket Vitamin C serum with a charge of 20% of pure Vitamin C infused into the formula. Comes with Liposomal, which will take that hit of vitamin C straight to your cells and not let it linger in your bloodstreams. This means, greater absorption by your skin’s chemical system. Other active ingredients infused with this formula are, Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid. Hey hydration and younger looking skin!

This is perfect for dry and aging skin.

Formulated without alcohol and oil and only with natural and plant-based ingredients.

If you’d like to try out this cell-absorbable Vitamin C serum, you can get it here, just click me.

HD Fly Up Vitamin C Dark Spot Corrector

HD Vitamin C Serum Dark Spot Corrector

Priced at $45, this serum packs a punch. With quality of the highest of Vitamin C, Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid, you can safely say it’s a powerful antioxidant relief.

Aiming at diminishing your dark spots and brightening you skin tone with the utmost ingredients, it will relieve your stressed out skin.

Formulated without parabens, colourant and alcohol.

If you’d like to try this high quality product, you can find it here, just click me.

Now we’ll need something to lock in the precious Vitamin C and what’s better than the..

ISNTREE Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

Isntree Aloe Soothing Gel

A sun-friendly and oh-so-soothing and relaxing gel moisturiser that I love at my very core. It gently hydrates and stores your skin’s moisture, all in all soothing your skin with its very best, and providing a protective barrier with its gel consistency.

You can get it here, just click me.

Lastly, remembered I said Vitamin C and sunscreen are a good combination to train up your skin to be a warrior against oxidative stress caused by UV rays?

I have to leave you with a final product of a sunscreen that I love just as much.

PURITO Daily Go-To Sunscreen

Purito Daily Go-To Sunscreen

Watery in consistency that feels like just the right “daily go-to” sunscreen for you, its label is far from deceptive.

A good broad spectrum sunscreen, which can prevent further formations of hyperpigmentation and further darkening of dark spots.

Weightless, scentless, and might I add, non-greasy, it has an impactful protective layer of SPF 50+ and PA+++.

Suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types.

Might I also add, it leaves a film of an elegant glow underneath makeup.

Click me to get it. 

Throw on your favourite foundation or BB cream, and you’re all set for the day!

If you’d like, I would recommend our PURITO Cica BB Cream, that glides on smoothly on your skin after your skincare application.

PURITO Cica Clearing BB Cream

Check it out here.

On a little note, once weekly, I would indulge in a very hydrating mask session, with ISNTREE Hyaluronic Acid Deep Moisture Mask.

Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Deep Moisture Water Mask Sheet Pack of 10

I’ve found that masking with this, has significantly improve my skin.

I love this product.

Check it out here. 

Lastly, as we’ve mentioned before, consistency is key when it comes to skincare. If you do not see progress overnight, continue on it, unless your skin is not reacting well to the product where you notice rashes forming. This is when you should discontinue using that particular product.

Another important note is, do a test patch of the products mentioned in this article, as not everyone’s skin can tolerate vitamin C products well. There will be a slight tingling on your skin, and that is completely normal, not anything to repel by.

Glow with us and stay skin-cared!

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